“Between Dreams and Reality
lies Invention”

David Gollins





In 1991 he set up the art workshop La Scultura di Andrea Roggi, where he has been crafting his sculptures from start to finish and, with the help of his assistants, he manages to create large-sized yet finely detailed pieces. Bronze is the material he chose, which he puts through the lost wax casting process to finally transform the clay models into metal sculptures.
The artist's atelier forms a single entity with the park where historical pieces are on display: a simple wall keeps the exhibition area separate from the spaces devoted to creation.
There, large workbenches, furnaces, shelves packed with figures at different stages of completion and all kinds of tools lay strewn about in apparent disarray, while monumental statues standing like guardians in the garden seem to watch over the work of their creator.
Those passing by the Parco della Creatività may catch a glimpse of the sculptor as he tries to capture and set in clay an intuition, as he strives for perfection of shape. Three, four, even five trial pieces may be necessary before completing the journey from the initial idea to the final result, before achieving that ultimate, perfect form. The one that shall not only subsist in clay, but will also be translated into bronze.