When I was young I had a dream,
to speak to people all over the world.

we are all just one being,
connected by a ray of light,
a ray of love and creativity.

We must communicate this joy of life,
its beauty, its simplicity
and happiness.

But how can one person
coming from a small town communicate,
not knowing any language
and without support?

Only with Fantasy.

My dream came true
with Sculpture.

This is Art for Young
the world I dream of.

Andrea Roggi

The Monuments

The monumental sculptures
realized in the last 20 years
by Andrea Roggi...


Tree of Life

Most certainly among
the symbols of greatest
interest in Western iconography...



In the realm of the arts
there are parallel realities
and contiguous unrealities...


Game of Life

According to common interpretation,
play activities are marginal
to human existence...