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The Circle of Life Art Gallery inaugurated its new exhibition in San Gimignano in June 2018. In this medieval hamlet of intact splendour, where history, art and culture all blend together, Roggi’s bronze artworks perfectly harmonise with the exceptional historical context of the town, creating an innovative dialogue and proposing a constant comparison between the present and the past.










The Valdelsa was a center of the Etruscan civilization, as shown by a wide range findings in the area, including several necropolises...


The city is on the ridge of a hill with its main axis being north/south. It is encircled by three walls and has at its highest point, to the west, the ruins of a fortress dismantled in the 16th century...

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Via Palestro, 2

53037 San Gimignano (Siena)

Italia tel +39 0577 940 760



Orari di apertura: Aperto su appuntamento fino al 15 marzo 2019

tel +39 333 646 1405