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Knowledge is

the gold of Life



The realm of the pursuit of Knowledge is explored by Andrea Roggi in its innermost essence, the female figure is the one he uses to represent it, the woman as the primordial bearer of knowledge and the archetype of creation, the sole guardian of the human intellect.

The women portrayed by Andrea Roggi are forces achieving a stable and enduring equilibrium, where the harmony of their classical proportions is counterbalanced by a modern take on movement, a key element of his sculptures. Shapes are substantial, yet light, hovering in mid-air and dancing their way through the skies, leaping in acrobatic flips supported by the thread of Knowledge.

The female figures stand on faint and sinuous lines stretching out to infinity, hinting at the notion of cyclical continuity, of rebirth and gradual creation that can be ideally associated with the relentless quest for Knowledge of the artist and, metaphorically, of all mankind. The woman takes a leap above the cube she finds herself in, the solid that symbolises the narrow-mindedness of the society in which we live. The linearity of her figure reveals how her body is actually made up of printed pages from books, signifying that every person is not just matter and flesh, but first and foremost the reflection of his/her mental side.

We are what we know. Reason, intellect and knowledge make up our identity. Humanity is at the heart of the artist's creative pursuit: thus, alluding to progress, he reveals, engraved into the bronze, the formulas that have contributed to the technological development of the world, to the advancement of human evolution.

What we know is what we are, and what distinguishes us. A spiralling motion accompanies the figures, an underlying vital force is expressed through the evolution of movement, a positive energy of the eternal becoming destined to a cyclical renewal: in this superiority of the female figure the artist condenses the inner world of Knowledge. The women crafted by Andrea Roggi embody knowledge, memory, dreams and freedom, in line with an elevation of femaleness beyond the human condition that reminds us how they are the source of creation, the origin of life; the smooth, sinuous flow of their silhouettes and interactions into space is in fact reminiscent of The Circle of Life.