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In the universe

everything is Life and Love



with the Energy of Life




just a little wave






Love and Creativeness

make the World go round









L'Energy of Creativeness

is infinite










Andrea Roggi was born on July 2nd 1962 in Tuscany

When he was 15 years old the artist began to paint and he gradually focused on sculpture

In 1991 he set up the art workshop La Scultura di Andrea Roggi

n the late 90s he became the initiator of the Art for Young movement...




When I was young I had a dream,
to speak to people all over the world.


we are all just one being,
connected by a ray of light,
a ray of love and creativity.


We must communicate this joy of life,
its beauty, its simplicity
and happiness.


But how can one person
coming from a small town communicate,
not knowing foreign languages
and without support?


Only with Fantasy.


My dream came true
through Sculpture...


This is Art for Young
the world I dream of.


Andrea Roggi
































In Roggi’s sculptures the meter that measures Time and Space in search
of a final catharsis is enclosed even in the most majestic public commissions,
dedicated to people and populations...














Andrea Roggi was born on July 2nd 1962 in Castiglion Fiorentino, Tuscany.
In his teenage years the artist began to cultivate some of his many interests,
including painting and poetry, until he gradually focused on sculpture...





















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Strada Provinciale 25 n. 236 A 52043, Manciano, Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy
Mobile: +39 333 6461405
Telephone: +39 0575 653401
E-mail: info@andrearoggi.com