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the World is inside us

around us

below us

it is all we have

we must make it work






Searching for the ideal formula to best express his vision, Andrea Roggi has always preferred sculpture to other art forms, although he has devoted himself also to painting and poetry. Through the lost-wax casting technique, the artist creates bronze sculptures that exude sensitivity and charm, finely detailed and often of monumental size. He takes special care to conjure up the plastic effect of the figures and the dynamism that permeates all of his works.

Revolving around the concepts of Love and Life, sense of belonging, knowledge and the free spirit of human beings, Roggi dedicates his art to the true essence of life, to the force that single-handedly dominates the world: love.

The love which moves the sun and the other stars

The focal point of Roggi's research is man, whose shaping is exemplary, with a clean and linear figure striving for simplicity of forms in order to achieve the ideal perfection of the human body. Humanity as portrayed by Roggi appears peaceful and flimsy, shines by reflected light and lives on Love.

A sense of peace and empathy seeps through his works, it almost feels as if we were stepping back in time, returning to the blissful days of our childhood, when everything was about fun, dreams and love. The uniqueness of nature and the mystery of the renewal of life are seen by the sculptor through dreamy eyes that grant him a serene outlook on human existence.

The strong bond that ties the artist to his native land is reflected in the typical elements of the olive and cypress trees, connected to a universal dimension of existence. The time of his early life in Tuscany is also revealed in works that have a more childlike and cheerful dimension, linked to a playful view of life: Il Gioco della vita (The Game of Life) is made up of children, poets and story-tellers, all bound together in flying round dances, producing a happy and carefree picture of childhood.