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The Circle of Life Art Gallery in Pietrasanta is the last of Maestro Roggi's galleries to see the light, in 2015. The first ones, in Corton and San Gimignano, are in the heart of Tuscany, near the artist's homeland, where he still resides, works and creates his works today. The connection with the territory, with the landscape - which always returns in the sculptures, with the cypresses and olive trees that surround the Tuscan countryside - and therefore with the spirit of the works is therefore strongly imprinted in these galleries.
In Pietrasanta, however, the attraction is different: not only the quiet of a village sourrounded by the sea and the mountains, small but lively, but also the stimulus of a cutting-edge cultural environment, which for decades has become the meeting point of contemporary artists, intellectuals and cultural events. In the few streets of the town center, galleries and exhibition spaces follow one another almost continuously; the square itself and all the places of greatest interest are used as spaces for outdoor exhibitions or temporary installations.
In this cultural crossroads, in this artistic center in the heart of Versilia, Maestro Roggi has found a stimulating and productive environment in which he can give vent to his art and at the same time be able to show it in a highly respectable showcase.
Thus was born the idea of creating a new exhibition gallery, which would be added to the pre-existing ones but in a completely different context, even if totally in harmony with Roggi's artistic philosophy. It’s above all the presence of marble that acts as a glue between the sculptures and the Versilia area, which due to its proximity to Carrara and its quarries in the Apuan Alps has always been a point of reference for sculptors since the Middle Ages.
But not only that: the tradition of foundries and bronze sculpture also has precedents in the city, where especially starting from the second half of the XX century many of the most successful artists of the period came to live or work, including sculptors - among the most famous names and still closely linked to the city we remember, for example, Mitoraj and Botero.
In addition to this, the landscape of the surrounding Versilia - the sea, the mountains, the pine forests, the countryside - everything suggests the poetic nature of Roggi's figures, who tell stories of nearby lands and experiences of universal lives.










The so-called "Historical Versilia" consists exclusively of four common places: Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi, Seravezza and Stazzema


Pietrasanta is a town and comune on the coast of northern Tuscany in Italy, in the province of Lucca. Pietrasanta is part of Versilia


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